8 Reasons Why I Might Consider Joining An Amish Church

After yesterday’s post, a reader suggested that I might right about what reasons might lead me to consider joining an Amish church. While this is a little harder, since I’m certain I wouldn’t want to become Amish, I’ll give it a go.

1-I understand that the New Order Amish do believe in salvation by faith rather than salvation by works and that that’s why they broke away from the Old Order, who believe that there’s no way a person can have assurance of salvation. I’m not certain, though. So if that were true, I might consider the New Order.

2-I actually like rules. Or rather, I like it when I have clear guidelines of what I should do – and I don’t like having options. Since I can actually see the reasoning behind a lot of the Ordnung rules, it makes sense to me.

3-Again, there is some variation between different church districts on the dress code. I understand that Amish in other states wear longer skirts. The Beachy Amish wear cape dresses, like the Mennonites – very much like the one I wrote about a few days ago.

4-The Amish wear headcoverings. Living in a country where the only “Christian” headcovering group are the Exclusive Brethren, this is important to me. If anything, the one reason I would actually join the Amish would be because they wear headcoverings and dress reasonably modestly – I get tired of not fitting in sometimes and it would be good to be part of a community who dresses like I do.

5-The Amish (and other Anabaptist churches) are known for their acapella singing. Really, look some up on YouTube – it’s amazing! Very beautiful.

6-I think they’re lifestyle’s pretty good. I know, this sounds corny and cliché, but it’s true. I definitely prefer the country over the city. Although many Amish aren’t actually farmers anymore, I found it interesting when we visited that they farm everything. What I mean is, say it’s a dairy farm, they’ll still have a couple of fields to grow feed for the cows. I thought that was pretty cool and definitely better than buying food for the livestock.

7-The Amish (and Mennonites) are pacifists.

8-There is actually a lot of variation between different Amish churches, and it would be unfair to say I absolutely wouldn’t join any of them. I mean, I definitely wouldn’t join, say, the Schwartzentruber or Old Order, but I might consider, say, the New Order or the Beachy Amish. It’s the same with Mennonites. I would have to find out more about each church’s beliefs (particularly on the issue of salvation).

Well, those were a few quick points, and of course, as yesterday, there are more things I haven’t mentioned. Oh, and the first 5 points match up with the first 5 from yesterday.


3 thoughts on “8 Reasons Why I Might Consider Joining An Amish Church

  1. The Beachy Amish-Mennonites are actually extremely similar to the Mennonites. Probably closer to the Mennonites than actual Amish. Beachyam.org would tell you quite a bit about them.

  2. Rachel says:

    Reason no.9 – I speak Hochdeutsch (standard German) and German dialects (particularly the southern ones) fascinate me. A lot of material on the internet about becoming Amish cautions people against it because ‘the Amish speak a German dialect amongst themselves’ which would be ‘very difficult to learn’. Pennsilfaanische Deitsch is very close to Alemannisch (spoken in south-western Germany and in part of France) and reasonably close to Schwäbisch (spoken in far south-western Germany, Baden-Württemburg, and part of Switzerland, as well as by my Year 11/12 teacher and some of my friends). When we visited America, I was able to hold a decent conversation with a former-Amish Mennonite lady in German.

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