As a Christian, one of the biggest questions out there – for children, at least – is about dinosaurs. Why are there dinosaur fossils? Why aren’t there dinosaurs anymore? How did Noah fit the dinosaurs on his ark? Why did he leave them behind? I would even go so far as to say that the dinosaurs might be one of the main reasons people turn from Creation to evolution. Most other things stand up very well to scrutiny from a Creation standpoint. Dinosaurs are harder to come to terms with.

A while ago, I found the site “Forbidden History” at http://forbidden-history.com/. It’s a very interesting site, written from a Creation standpoint, which talks about dinosaurs – and how they didn’t die out.

They’ve made a documentary, a little over an hour in length, which can be found at http://forbidden-history.com/dinosaur-movie.html. It’s in seven parts and it covers, quite thoroughly:

-Written references and records throughout history which tell about interactions between man and dinosaurs.

-More recent sightings of dinosaurs.

-References to dinosaurs in the Bible.

-A very well-thought-out and logical argument as to why the Bible is true and is accurate.

There’s not much else to say about it, really. The documentary is quite good, and I strongly recommend that you watch it.

Another good website to learn about stuff from a Creation standpoint is the Creation website (strange, that), which can be found at http://creation.com/. It has a lot of articles written by scientists which explain a lot of things far better than my science textbook ever did.


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