13 Observations on a Mozart Piece

VanGoghOR, Zwölf Variationen in C über “Ah, vous dirai-je Maman” (KV 265).

OR, Why we sing “Twinkle, Twinkle”, “ABC”, and “Baa, Baa, Black Sheep” the way we do.

An observation for the theme and each variation.

THEMA: Not good to play in public. With the exception of a couple of extra notes and a trill, it sounds just like a certain nursery rhyme.

VAR I: The right hand has a seizure and just about loses the tune.

VAR II: Now the left hand goes crazy while my right hand sings about the stars.

VAR III: Mozart teaches us how to play arpeggios and trills in the right hand.

VAR IV: Now we practice the arpeggios in the left hand.

VAR V: Very pretty for about four bars. Luckily it recovers after another four bars.

VAR VI: An oversized bee flies to the twinkling stars. It briefly overwhelms the stars for a bit in the middle, but then the stars make a comeback.

VAR VII: This is the one where Mozart teaches us how to play scales in the right hand. He adds in a few awkward intervals for good measure.

VAR VIII: Mozart has a cry. Or, it’s fashionable to change into the tonic minor at least once in the piece.

VAR IX: Light and airy at first but very mad towards the end of each phrase.

VAR X: In which the right hand stims and the left hand fills in for the tune at times.

VAR XI: An exercise in the most awkward rhythm to play, with runs consisting entirely of leaning notes.

VAR XII: Turns and trills in left and right. OR, the oversized bee returns with a friend.

If you want to hear (and see) what I’m on about, here is a good clip on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NO-ecxHEPqI.


2 thoughts on “13 Observations on a Mozart Piece

  1. Ruth Hay says:

    You’re right – that’s exactly how it sounds.


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