20 Reasons to Visit Australia – Other


Names: saltwater crocodile, salty.

Recorded deaths: approximately 2 per year (with between 5 and 10 non-fatal attacks)

Appearance: between 4 and 7 metres long

Location: to the north


Names: sharks, (various others)

Recorded deaths: yes, approximately 1 per year.

Appearance: usually grey, shark-like. Big, with lots of teeth.

Location: in the water.

Other information: shark attacks are very infrequent. You should be more scared of jellyfish than of sharks.

Bull Ants

Names: bull ants, big ants

Appearance: ant-like, 2.5cm long.

Location: everywhere.

Venom: painful, but not fatal unless allergic.

Other information: Very aggressive.


Names: centipede, big millipede, worm with legs

Appearance: pink, worm-like, with legs

Venom: injected from limbs and can cause renal failure. The Australian Centipede is less poisonous than other centipedes and almost never causes death.

Drop Bears

Names: drop bears, rabid koalas

Recorded deaths: unknown

Appearance: large and furry, with huge claws and teeth

Location: everywhere where there are trees

Tip: eat or wear vegemite as it is a good drop bear repellent


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