UnidentifiedThey’re everywhere. I don’t mean literally, although that, too. But they’re in movies, in books, in the news, and just in the general subconscious – both as sci-fi shows and as UFO conspiracies. They raise a lot of questions. What are aliens? Is there life on other worlds? Why do they abduct people? Do they abduct people? How do aliens fit in with the Bible?

Well, one of the most common theories (by Christians) is that they are demons (that is, fallen angels who followed Lucifer out of Heaven). This makes sense – always, for me, in a vague sort of way. Yes, it makes sense that they’re demons, doing Satan’s work. What never really made sense to me was why they did a lot of the stuff that aliens apparently do.

This morning, I picked a couple of random interesting-looking movies off our DVD shelf. We have a lot of DVDs and videos that I’ve never seen and sometimes, didn’t even know we had. A lot of documentaries. Some of them are a little weird. A lot are very interesting. Anyway, one of the ones I picked up was Unidentified – the title intrigued me.

Turns out, Unidentified is a Christian movie about UFOs. Now, as a self-confessed sci-fi nut with a penchant for reading conspiracy theory books (admittedly sometimes just for laughs), I’ve seen a lot of UFO movies. Close Encounters of the Third Kind, The Day the Earth Stood Still, War of the Worlds, and so on. Not exactly the sort of genre you expect to be covered in a Christian film, I suppose.

Christian films are quite good. I don’t mean secular films that happen to have a Christian in them, or Christian documentaries, or Bible re-enactment films. Christian films are often made entirely by Christians – the cast, the crew, the director. It really shows in the film, I think. I mean, I haven’t seen all that many, but the ones I have seen (or bits that I’ve seen) have been quite good. Christian films always have a meaning, a message. They’re not just the sort of meaningless junk you get in secular films, that have no true purpose or meaning except to really waste your life for a couple of hours. Except, on the surface, Christian films seem just the same. They’re films about everyday life, common topics, many of the same genres you see in secular films – but they have a Christian message.

There are few films out there that I would actually recommend. I’ve seen a lot, but they’re all just films, at the end of the day. But Unidentified, I think, is one of the rare films that is very good. It combines Christianity with sci-fi and everyday life. I definitely recommend that you acquire it and watch it if possible.

Unidentified cleared up a lot of my questions about exactly why demons would be masquerading as aliens and abducting people. A lot of the stuff about these “alien encounters” put forwards by Darren, one of the main characters, made a lot of sense and fitted in with the Bible and with Satan’s motives. It’s definitely a movie worth seeing.

You can read about Unidentified at its website,

You can also read more about “aliens” (that is, the demons which are perceived as aliens) at Here are two quick links: and You could also just put “aliens” or “ufo” into the search bar on the home page.


One thought on “Aliens

  1. jasonbladd says:

    Michael Heiser’s The Facade is an interesting read on a similar topic.

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