Saturday Mornings

Saturday mornings are for me what Monday mornings are for everyone else.

That is, I really don’t like Saturday mornings.

I mean, after the morning’s progressed a little, they’re not so bad. Sure, I spend most of the morning feeling like an idiot, but that’s to be expected when you’re a learner in a native-speaking situation. At least I have a couple of friends with whom I can gossip talk during Pause (pronounced pow-za), and I get to at least exercise my brain, if not even learn something. It’s not even worth mentioning the thousands of exams which are going to besiege us next term (that’s the problem with only going once a week, and having to do SACE and DSD testing).

No, the real problem lies in the bit of Saturday morning that happens at home. I mean, it even starts off badly, about half an hour before most other days start.

And I’m the only one up. Which, of course, means it’s harder to convince myself to get up, because I don’t have noises happening around the house from other people forcing themselves out of bed. Not to mention it’s winter at the moment, so my bed’s warm and the rest of the world isn’t… but that’s neither hear nor there.

So after I’m finally up and dressed, I head out to the kitchen. Now, on Monday mornings, there are a whole bunch of other people in that area. Sometimes I even talk to them. On Saturday mornings, when I creep out of the bedroom end of the house and into the kitchen, there’s no-one. Well, probably a couple of hungry cats, but they don’t count, particularly if I’ve just tripped over their litter tray.

So there I am, ridiculously early on a Saturday morning, very lonely in an empty house while everyone else slumbers on.

I mentioned my dislike of Saturday mornings to one of my friends last week, and she just nodded and said, “Yes, we’re insane. Everyone else gets to sleep in or play sports… We come to [German] school.”

So there you have it. Think about me, won’t you, as you snuggle into your nice warm beds on a Saturday morning, ready for a lazy day? I’ll be struggling through the cold alone, heading off to wrap my head around German adjectival endings, trying to convince my brain to wake up, defrost, and switch over to German-mode in time for the inevitable “Und wie geht es für dich?” from the teacher first thing in the morning. (Oh, and the appropriate response isn’t a simple mumbled, “Gut, danke,” like you’d expect. No! I’ve got to give a blow-by-blow account of my past week and upcoming plans!)

I guess that’s all for now. At least I have the consolation of knowing I won’t be the only kid in the class wishing they were back in bed like any sane teenager!



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