Behind the Idiot’s Guide

My “Idiot’s Guide to the USA” began a couple of hours after arriving in America, when I wrote down a few notes about what I had seen and experienced in the country already.

Over the next three weeks, I continued to write down observations and record mistakes – four pages, in fact!

When we got home, I began sorting the notes by category and writing them up in a more uniform manner.

Thus, “The Idiot’s Guide to the USA” was born. It’s good not only for Australians, but also for Kiwis and probably Brits.

“The Idiot’s Guide” makes a point to cover the things which you won’t hear about prior to going to America, and focusses more on the uncommonly-spoken-of but oh-so-treacherous mistakes than a visitor from another country, particularly an English-speaking one, is likely to encounter.

You can read “The Idiot’s Guide to the USA” on my previous posts.


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