The Idiot’s Guide to the USA – Cultural Pride and Differences

The Idiot's Guide to the USAOn manners
– Americans are surprisingly polite and friendly
– they will apologise for walking within a metre of you
– they can also be surprisingly friendly and talkative
– whether this is simply because they like your accent or want to move to your country remains to be seen, however

On identity
– no-one actually knows you’re Australian until you say so

On Australia
– if you tell someone that you are Australian, they may start yelling “ossie, ossie, ossie!” at you and expect you to respond
– however, if you call loudly across the aeroplane to your father than the landscape outside looks a little like the Outback, but somewhat hillier and with more green bits and paddocks, be prepared to have the guy in front of you turn around to question you about the best places to see in Australia because he’s planning on visiting next year

On patriotism
– there are flags everywhere – outside homes, car yards, and public places, and even in churches
– however, you can still read about Princess Kate’s “baby bump” on the front cover of every second magazine


One thought on “The Idiot’s Guide to the USA – Cultural Pride and Differences

  1. Jedika98 says:

    You forgot that not only being able to read about Princess Kate’s baby bump you can also read about the Queen’s health and how she “courageously clings to life”. J

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