The Idiot’s Guide to the USA – Drink

On ice
– the glass is almost always filled with ice
– how completely filled it is depends on the area
– the ice is in slithers or small chips, but rarely in cubes
– don’t worry that you’re being ripped off by having the glass full of ice, because of:

On free refills
– you can have as much of your chosen beverage as you can possibly hold, as the waiter will continue refilling it
– prepare to go to the toilet a lot

On root beer
– this is not ginger beer, despite ginger being a root
– it tastes rather like someone has turned a hospital into a liquid, added black food colour, and then carbonated it

On HiC
– this is watered-down cough medicine

On Doctor Pepper
– this is very, very carbonated diluted cough medicine with added dark food colouring

On juice
– even if it says it is juice, it’s probably just cordial

On brand names
– if you enquire about non-alcoholic beverages, the terms “Coca-Cola products” or “Pepsi products” will often be used
– apparently, Americans are aware of which beverages are made by which company

On little containers
– drinks can come in tiny little cute cans, about half the size of normal cans
– they can also come in 8-ounce (237ml) bottles

On margaritas
– these are alcoholic drinks
– not pizzas

On lemonade
– this is lemon cordial
– if you want lemonade, ask for “Sprite” or “Sierra Mist”

On orange lemonade
– if you ask the waitress to mix orange juice and lemonade, you will get a strange look
– and then you will get orange juice mixed with lemon cordial
– ask for orange juice and Sprite mixed instead
– you will still get a strange look, but at least you will get the drink that you want
– when you ask on the Air New Zealand flight home, the air hostess won’t even bat an eyelid

On ginger beer
– this doesn’t exist
– ginger ale is not the same
– we have both in Australia


2 thoughts on “The Idiot’s Guide to the USA – Drink

  1. Jedika98 says:

    How dare you? You forgot pink lemonade!!!!! J

  2. […] my opinions on Root Beer and Doctor Pepper (both American beverages). If not, you can read it here: Basically, the conclusion my family came to after trying those two beverages was that Root Beer […]

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