The Idiot’s Guide to the USA – Infrastructure and Technology

The Idiot's Guide to the USAOn light switches and power points
– flick the light switch up to turn it on and down to turn it off
– power points do not have on/off switches

On tables (and booths)
– tables will seem high, but this is only because the chair is very low
– this also occurs in booths
– booths may look cool, new, and exciting at first, but you will discover halfway through the meal that they are also rather impractical

On drinking fountains
– press the button on the front of the rim to get water
– there is not a button on the spout

On footpaths
– the curbs are very tall
– if you need to pass someone whilst on the footpath, do it to the right, no matter how much your instincts say to go to the left

On internet access
– most or all public spaces and motels have free WiFi

On cars
– although most cars seem more high-tech, SmartCars (hybrid green cars) are a much rarer sight

On mobile phones
– they’re called cell phones
– everyone has an iPhone, even very young children
– lots of people have iPads or tablets, even older people

On the small yellow, blue, or silver Daleks with extra limbs lining the streets
– they are actually fire hydrants


2 thoughts on “The Idiot’s Guide to the USA – Infrastructure and Technology

  1. This made my morning so much better! Thank you for posting! I never even noticed some of the things that you pointed out and I live in America. I wouldn’t have thought of fire hydrants as Daleks, for example. 🙂

    • Rachel says:

      Blame it on having a family obsessed with Doctor Who…

      A lot of the things I put in “The Idiot’s Guide” were things I’d never noticed until going to America. Like passing someone on a footpath, light switches and power points, drinking fountains, and so on. They’re just things you do without thinking, and you never really think about them until you find yourself somewhere where it’s done differently.

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