The Idiot’s Guide to the USA – Other and Miscellaneous

The Idiot's Guide to the USAOn Walmart
– Walmart is HUGE
– in vast quantities
– Walmart is like K-Mart, Woolworths, Bunnings, and Spotlight, all crammed into one gigantic room

On Disneyland
– the happiest place on earth… for about three hours
– then you get tired and grumpy
– it’s very loud
– there are lots of people
– and big queues
– Princess Merida doesn’t speak Gaelic
– even though she sings in it in the movie

On time differences
– if you’ve got a SOTA lesson at quarter to nine on a Wednesday morning, you can still attend it at quarter past three on a Tuesday afternoon, if you use the free WiFi at Los Angeles airport
– America has four time zones: Pacific, Mountain, Central, and Eastern (or Atlantic?).
– the time zones are each 1 hour apart
– the time zones don’t follow state borders

On brand names
– you won’t recognise 99% of brand names

On bed linen
– the bedcovers are folded back differently
– you can still pull it up past your waist
– just unfold each layer individually

On camping
– there are a lot of caravan/campervan parks
– and sale yards

On washing
– Americans don’t have washing lines
– except for the Amish (and Mennonites)
– you’ll get strange looks if you ask the location of one after washing your clothes

On cattle
– when the sign advertises that they’ll be mustering a “herd” of cattle, don’t expect more than about a dozen
– cows have horns
– big horns
– even the actual cows (the female ones)


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