The Idiot’s Guide to the USA – Toileting

The Idiot's Guide to the USAOn flushing
– many public toilets flush automatically
– this means that they will either not flush until you have left the cubicle, or that they might flush while you are still seated
– some public toilets and most private and motel toilets flush by means of pushing down a lever to the left of the tank

On toilet doors
– public toilet stall doors have a very large gap at the bottom
– lock the doors is very difficult
– some doors lock by means of a simple bolt, and are thus easy to work out
– some doors have a knob or a dial which should be turned
– there is no rhyme or reason as to how far or which way to turn the knob or dial in order to lock the door

On the blockage
– it isn’t really a blockage
– there is meant to be that much water in the toilet bowl
– pay no attention to it
– be careful not to wet your hand when wiping

On the children asking to become crazy
– they’re not really
– the phrase “wanna go potty”, which can also be heard from adults speaking with children, means that one will need to visit a toilet soon
– it is not an expression of the desire to loose enough chips to make a Happy Meal

On the terminology
– we all know that Americans call toilets “bathrooms”, but this isn’t the case, and the word of preference appears to be “restroom”
– look for signs for “restrooms” in public places
– the little pictures are the same and should help you in locating the toilets
– make sure to ask for directions to a “restroom”
– it is still to be determined as to whether Americans actually ever use (or understand) the word “toilet”

On toilet paper
– the squares are somewhat rectangular
– it hangs so as to unroll from beneath rather than above


5 thoughts on “The Idiot’s Guide to the USA – Toileting

  1. We tend to use the word “bathroom” more often in certain parts of America. And we rarely (if ever) use the word “toilet” to describe a bathroom.

    • Rachel says:

      You see, to me, a bathroom has got to have an actual bath in it. I guess I can see, maybe in America, most bathrooms have the toilets in them, it makes sense. In Australia, usually the toilet is in a separate little room, not in the bathroom. And of course, toilets in public places don’t have any baths in them at all!

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