The Second Leg (Melbourne – Hong Kong)


The golf course near Melbourne airport.

Perhaps I judged Cathay Pacific a little too quickly. It turns out that a change of seat, a visible  window, and a working screen does wonders

With ten hours to fill in, the screen was a blessing. I used it pretty much constantly.

I finally watched “Amadeus”, as my piano teacher’s been telling me to do for a while now. If the movie’s anything to go by, I have to be a lot more show-off-y with my Mozart pieces

I also finally go around to watching “Alvin and the Chipmunks”. But by then, I figured my brain needed stimulating, so I utilised the German option. Funny movie.

I played a lot of games – solitaire and hangman mostly. They have the same games programmes as Air New Zealand, so that was familiar, at least. They also had the Berlitz Language Learner programme. That was fun. There were about twenty languages, and you chose the one you spoke and the one you wanted to learn. So I “learnt” Russian (from English, and then later from German), Dutch (from German), Spanish (from French), Portuguese (from Spanish), Icelandic (from German), and Korean (from English). I also had my screen set, at various times, in English, German, and French.



Jasmine tea.

Jasmine tea.

And then there was the food. If there’s one thing to be said about Asian airlines, it’s that they have great food. For lunch, I had penne with tomato and onion sauce, carrots, and zucchini. Unfortunately, I didn’t think to take a picture. For dinner, I had Oriental noodles with fried pork and carrot. After each meal, they served us tea and coffee.

Hong Kong Airport

Hong Kong Airport

When we got to Hong Kong, it was a mad rush. So I didn’t end up posting from Hong Kong after all. Actually, I’m writing this on the next leg and will post when I get to Heathrow. But we hadn’t been able to book onto the London-Madrid flight from Adelaide, so we had to find the British Airways check-in desk. That was a long walk, a shuttle ride, several giant escalators, and another long walk, away. There wasn’t much time left for anything after that.

In transit.

In transit.

Hong Kong Airport, aside from being ridiculously confusing, also (at the moment) only takes Hong Kong dollars, Korean wan, Japanese yen, or American dollars. Needless to say, I didn’t have any of those on me. Since my uncle moved back from Korean, I don’t get 1000 won as a Christmas present anymore, and I spent my last American money when I was trapped in Philadelphia Airport two and a half months ago. I was sure they’d take Euros, at least, but apparently not…


One thought on “The Second Leg (Melbourne – Hong Kong)

  1. Ruth Hay says:

    Food looks lovely – Jess has been tracking your flights on her iPad.

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