The Fifth Leg (Madrid – Salamanca)

We went by bus from Madrid to Salamanca, which means I got lots of pictures. I’m not going to post them all, though.




Gently undulating plains, low hills in the distance, yellow grass, sparse shrubbery, profuse rocks… no, it’s not the area around Strathalbyn.

Salamanca, with the cathedral in the background.

Salamanca, with the cathedral in the background.

Spain is hot. They’re not kidding when they say Australia has the same climate as Spain. It’s meant to be about 38 today, but there are few trees and lots of stone and cement.

But it’s quite cool in the mornings, even if it is very hot until quite late at night. It also doesn’t get dark until about 10:30 at night. We went down to the Plaza Meyor last night and ate tapas.

My host mother is very nice, although she seems determined to overfeed me. She also thinks my Spanish is very good, even though the lesson this morning would seem to contradict that.

We did a test when we arrived at school this morning and I scored quite well and was put in one of the higher classes. I’ve been doing quite well with understanding and communicating, but our teacher is very difficult to understand – I’m not sure why. It could be because she’s very young.

My host mother doesn’t have WiFi, so I’m using the school’s WiFi to do this. I hope to post at least semi-regularly while in Spain.


4 thoughts on “The Fifth Leg (Madrid – Salamanca)

  1. David Morris says:

    When we were in New Zealand I kept taking photos out of the bus window, even though most of them turned out very bad.

  2. Jedika98 says:

    Congrats. Well done.
    Egh, hot weather. You should have taken my cool scarf.

  3. Ruth Hay says:

    I hope school continues to go well. If it gets too hard, ask to be put down to a lower class. What is tapas like?

    • Rachel says:

      It was better today. We have a different teacher for the first lesson (grammar) who is much easier to understand. Also, they split our class into two classes, to the better speakers are somewhere else.

      Tapas is literally “small portions” or “snacks”. It can be anything from chips to biscuits to mini pizzas to weird little canapé things.

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