Swimming in Spain (Las piscinas de España)

Short answer: don’t.

It cost me about €3:50 to get in, and I only got to “swim” for about a minute, total. Why? Well, you’re not allowed to wear “clothes” in the pool. It’s no use trying to explain to them that they’re not “clothes”, they’re Australian bathers, because they’re determined not to understand. After all, even a one-piece swimsuit is a rare sight in Spain. Bikinis are de rigeur, as are board shorts for men, which rather begs the question as to why my meanttobemodest.com swimsuit was considered inappropriate.

“But what if she’s religious?” my teacher protested, at my prompting (after withdrawing briefly to complain and grumble). No, apparently it’s still not allowed. “What about the Muslims?” They’re not allowed in the swimming centre. According to the “lifeguard”, the Muslims have to go to the beach. Given that Salamanca is pretty much in the middle of Spain, I highly doubt that’s considered a valid option. And Spain used to be a Muslim country! I couldn’t help but think that, if I were Muslim, I could get a court case out of the entire thing.

One of the boys in our group was ejected from the pool for the grievous crime of wearing speedos under his board shorts. One of the girls was sent out of the paddling pool for wearing sun glasses. Needless to say, none of us were particularly impressed!

One of the girls reckons that all the stupid clothing rules are purely for the (sexual) pleasure of the lifeguards. After all, they don’t seem to do much else, other than tell the swimmers to take ofThef various garments. Certainly there were few rules (or none, that I could see) regarding behaviour. No, you’re not allowed to wear a rash top, but feel free to bomb on your mate’s head, smoke all you like, drop the cigarette butts on the ground, and run around the pools, screaming and shoving each other into the water.

En las piscinas de España, no puede nadar si traje las “ropas” o las ropas de nadacion religiosas. Donde puede los musulmanos nadar? España era una país musulmanas! Y donde puede las hermanas catolicas nadar? Es una regla muy muy estupidos! No puede nadar en España!


6 thoughts on “Swimming in Spain (Las piscinas de España)

  1. Ruth Hay says:

    That is not very fair for you. Obviously you won’t be going back there.

  2. Jedika98 says:

    What I want to know is how did the lifeguards know that the boy was wearing speedo under his board shorts?

  3. Ruth Hay says:

    Oh Rachel, can you please reply to Jess’ email? She is missing you!!!

  4. Jo Creek says:

    I do not think the bathers shown on the website are representative of “Australian bathers”. Even so, they should take into consideration the cultural and religious differences in their patrons (although I guess they were following the rules).
    Jessica, you don’t want to know how easy it is to tell if a boy is wearing speedos under board shorts, though for the sake of decency EVERY male swimmer should wear speedos – especially under white or pale coloured boardies!

  5. Rachel says:

    Obviously the bathers aren’t characteristic of Australian bathers (although Mum and I do get a lot of comments of people wanting to buy some!), but since the “lifeguard”s problem was with me not wearing a bikini, and lots of Australians wear rash tops or other more covering bathers because of the sun, Ms. Arezina probably figured that was an easier thing to say.

  6. Jedika98 says:

    I didn’t say they shouldn’t, I just asked how they knew. I quite agree they should like wearing bathers under a rash top.

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