The Third Day

I’m settling into the routine of life in Spain now, I think. School was much the same as yesterday, really, except that we learnt vocab for clothes, and described pictures in the present continuous tense (estoy escribienda esta).

On the way to school, I met a Mennonite man. He actually stopped and asked me if I were Mennonite, in Spanish, although I didn’t understand (twice) until he swapped to English. I said I wasn’t, and he asked why I wore a headcovering. I said it was the same reason as the Mennonites (it’s in the Bible/ more respectful to God). It made a nice change from people just staring at me.

At five, we went off to dancing class. We learnt the mamba and (I think) the toreador. It was just the Australians, plus Irene (the German-Dutch-English girl) and her boyfriend, Tim (from Jersey).  After dancing class, we all went off and bought ice cream, then the other Australians went off to a supermarket (?), and I went with Irene and Tim to get bubble tea.

I think it was cooler today, although I could just be getting used to it. There was definitely more of a breeze, though.

I have more of a social life in Spain than I do in Australia! I’ve been staying out in the town centre fairly late (by Australian standards – not by Spanish!), often coming home at about eight or nine in the evening. However, as it’s still light enough to easily walk outside at half past ten as I write this, that’s not saying much.

Anyway, I’ve been going out a lot by myself and wandering around town with the other Australians and some others from the school (case in point, ice cream and bubble tea with Irene and Tim this afternoon). Maria and I intend to meet up to go down to the river sometime, and Irene has invited me along to a couple of museums and probably a shopping trip.

In other news, I found out that my host mother actually *does* have WiFi. She’s given me the clave (key), so I should be able to post from home now. It also means I’ll be able to catch up on all those e-mails that have been building up…

Hasta mañana!


4 thoughts on “The Third Day

  1. Ruth Hay says:

    We got an email with a movie of you all doing the paso. Good on you. It looked fun but I wouldn’t have been able to manage it. I am glad that it is all going well and that you are doing things with the other students.

  2. Jedika98 says:


  3. Jo Creek says:

    It’s good news that you’ll be able to use your host mother’s Wi-fi. Does your host mother have family living with her or does she live by herself? How is she connected to the school to have a student living with her?

  4. Rachel says:

    She lives by herself, but her two sons and future-daughter-in-law live around the corner (? Not sure whether “novia” is a wife, a fiancée, or a girlfriend. Also not sure whether she lives with the sons).

    From what I gather, she’s good friends with most of the teachers at the school. Whether that’s because she hosts students or from before that I don’t know. But Salamanca is a university town – pretty much everyone here is a student and at least 50% aren’t from Salamanca. My new host sister is going to a different school, so I suppose people with the room or the desire to host students just sign up somehow to various schools.

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