The Third Leg (Heathrow – Singapore)

Chaos. Absolute chaos, I tell you.

When we arrived in Heathrow, we were told the flight was delayed by an hour. When we got to the gate, there was an announcement which said that one of the doors had broken and they had to remove 60 people from rows 37 through 50!

Long story short, all of the others in my group got transferred off, we finally boarded the 2015h flight at about 2330h, and due to trouble locating all the baggage of the people who had been removed, we didn’t leave until 0115! Yes, I continued on without the others. It doesn’t make much difference during the flight, and to be honest, I think the transfer and stopover periods will be easier without having to stick with a bunch of largely clueless, very disorganised, and extremely overtired Australian teenagers.

But after all that, the crew were very helpful and apologetic and things seem to be running reasonably smoothly, so it’s no terrible loss. I was struggling to stay awake for dinner (served at about 3am London time, 4am Salamanca time), mostly because I was hungry, so by the time I actually got to sleep, I’d been awake for almost 24 hours, and that was after only about 4 hours of sleep. Needless to say, I slept like a log for about 6 hours… Hoping to get some more sleep on the next leg.

So this is just a short note to say I’ve arrived in Singapore, but I think I missed the transfers information desk when I came through – now I’m off to go and find it and ask about the transfer in Sydney. Four hours late… not going to be making the flight to Adelaide, I only had 90 mins stopover time… Let’s go and see what can be done.


One thought on “The Third Leg (Heathrow – Singapore)

  1. Jo Creek says:

    You should not have been separated from your group! Regardless that you are used to travelling, an airline should keep all members of a group together, particularly when they are minors. Despite having to do a catch-up with subsequent missed flights, I hope the rest of the journey home went smoothly.

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