Three Questions I Really Don’t Like Being Asked

Three very common questions which I really don’t like being asked, because they’re very difficult to answer:

Where are you from?

The answer to this depends on where I happen to be and who I’m talking to.

In Australia, I usually say I’m from England, because I have a sort of funny accent. If the person I’m talking to is from England, I say that my parents are. In other states, I can sometimes get away with saying I’m from South Australia or Adelaide.

Almost anywhere else, I usually say that I’m from Australia, and if people question the accent, I explain that people from South Australia have a slightly more English accent.

This simple formula for response fell to pieces in Spain, because where I would usually just say I was Australian or South Australian, I couldn’t, because I was there with a bunch of actual South Aussies. My story got more complicated the longer I was there…

What school do you go to?

Technically, my school is the Open Access College. This has made sense in previous years, where the majority of my subjects have been with OAC. However, this year, although two subjects officially are, one of those subjects has been outsources to the Northern Territory Open Education Centre.

I’m also studying German with Schule der Deutsche Sprache Südaustraliens, the German Language School of South Australia, and Spanish with both Blackwood High School and the Adelaide Spanish School (aka Casa de Flamenco). And Gaelic with Ràidio Albannach (Scottish Radio)…

So, I’m doing four subjects at four different schools. I feel like my “home” school is the German School, but you can’t say that because everyone there has their own “day” school. It’s complicated.

What church do you go to?

Well, I usually go to a Baptist* church, but what people really want to know when they ask this is, “What denomination/religion are you?”. And the truth is, I don’t really know. I’m a non-denominational Christian. Most of my beliefs line up with either Baptist or Anabaptist beliefs, but I wouldn’t consider myself to entirely belong to either of those denominations. So yes, another complicated question.

* by the way, in Australia, there are just Baptists. By that, I mean, we don’t have twenty different types of Baptists like there are in America. No First Baptists, Second Baptists, Penultimate Baptists, Southern Baptists, Independent Baptists, and so on. While I was in the US, I ended up telling people that I was “Baptist… Australian Baptist”.


2 thoughts on “Three Questions I Really Don’t Like Being Asked

  1. In Bavaria, there are just Catholics and ‘Evangelicals/Protestants’. Nobody’s ever heard of Baptists, Presbyterians, Unitarians, Methodists, etc, never mind different factions within these. Same in Spain 😉

  2. […] probably talked about being a TCK before on here, in an “oh, by the way” sort of way. Even though I’m Australian, I went to the German Ethnic School, and I spend a lot […]

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