Ten Things You Might Not Know About Chickens

#1 – Chickens get carsick.

#2 – White earlobes mean white (or pale cream) eggs. Red earlobes usually mean brown eggs. Black or blue earlobes can mean anything.

#3 – If a hen has yellow legs, she’s not laying.

#4 – It’s possible for a hen to crow, usually after she reaches menopause.

#5 – Roosters don’t just crow at dawn.

#6 – Even though a hen reaches full size at 8-10 weeks, she doesn’t reach sexual maturity (and start laying) until 20-25 weeks.

#7 – Chickens only have one “vent” – so yes, the egg and the poo does come out the same hole.

#8 – Eggs can come in all sorts of different colours and sizes. They’re all perfectly safe to eat, unless they float in water.

#9 – Hens will still lay eggs, even with no rooster – in fact, the hens that shop eggs come from never see a rooster in their lives.

#10 – Chook eggs aren’t fertilised like fish eggs. Chooks have sex. (It also takes a week to ten days after mating for the egg to become fertilised).


One thought on “Ten Things You Might Not Know About Chickens

  1. Wow! Those are really interesting! Thanks for sharing!

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