As I mentioned in the other post, today I found a can of Irn-Bru.


Well, okay, I found multiple cans of Irn-Bru. It was in a rather strange little sweet shop that sold other such strange things as passionfruit- and pineapple-flavoured Fanta, Jalapeño-Cheese Crisps, and powered Bubble Gum:


But since, over the past year or so, multiple people have told me to try Irn-Bru, I bought a can and did so.

After seeing those adds, I’m beginning to question my desire to revisit Scotland.

Anyway, one of the first things I discovered about Irn-Bru, upon examining the can, was this:

It’s a lie! It’s not actually made from girders. They’re not in the ingredients list.


There is, however, this helpful warning:


Which, given that it’s a sugary carbonated beverage with added caffeine, feels like a bit of an obvious thing to say.


Irn-Bru has a bit of an odd taste – a bit like a cross between chewing gum and banana lollies (neither of which I like). Despite this, and the initial shock of the taste, it grew on me, and about halfway through the can I was actually enjoying it.


Here’s a little bit in a cup to show you the colour. The picture doesn’t really do justice to the amazingly bright shade of orange it is.

I’m not really a fizzy drink connoisseuse. Actually, I don’t like fizzy drinks very much at all. And Irn-Bru’s not really my favourite, but in terms of foreign fizzy drinks, it’s got to rate pretty high. Which, given that Coke makes me feel sick, Root Beer reminds me of hospital disinfectant, and Doctor Pepper tastes like cough medicine, isn’t very hard.

It can’t compete with Orangina, though.

For more information on Irn-Bru, see


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