A Prologue to “SOTA Tips”

SOTA TipsWell, Australia Day has been and gone, and across the country (and probably in New Zealand, too), children and teenagers have been going back to school. In my case, this included a trip into Marden (in Adelaide) yesterday morning for the Open Access College Senior Years Induction Day (which, I must say, has improved since the first one I attended in 2011. And has definitely improved since the one that wasn’t offered when I started in 2010).

One of the things we had to do during the proceedings was break into groups of about 10 and brainstorm for a topic we’d been given. My group had “How to make the most of lessons”. I felt we did quite well, so now I’d written them down, and since there isn’t much on the internet by way of “How to be a good SOTA student” or information on what it’s like to be one, I figured I’d post them.

These tips, naturally, are aimed at children and teenagers doing SOTA/OAC/NTEOC/Correspondence school/Distance education/Whatever else you want to call it, but I feel they are helpful for adults doing tertiary studies by correspondence, too.

So, without further babbling, I will shut up and start posting the tips.


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