The Weekend

Well, it’s been an exciting weekend, to say the least.

On Saturday morning, we were evacuated because of a bushfire in Belair and Crafers. That was fun. They got it under control late afternoon/evening and we were able to return Saturday night.

You can look on to see what fires (etc) are going on at the moment. Not ours.

Then Sunday was pretty uneventful to be honest, but when we got home from dropping my sister at school this morning we found this on our driveway:

IMGP1796And then he followed us right up to the house.

IMGP1798This picture was taken through our living room window.

But, not to worry, because Betty from down the road had already spotted him and called everyone, so we’d barely wondered what to do and called the local council when one of the neighbours from down the road came by and said that he belonged to her friend from up the road.

So a few minutes later, Danny’s owner (that’s his name, Danny), came, bucket of goat food in hand, to collect Danny.

Now I have an interesting story to tell tonight at Irish when we start learning the rest of that song about the mad billy goat.