Fun with Greek

11pointpodium72Meet the Professor. He lives in the margins of my Greek textbook, and until I receive evidence to the contrary, I’m going to assume he is an accurate representation of what William Mounce, the author of the textbook, looks like.

The Professor pops up every page or so to tell me interesting and not-so-interesting things about Greek. As an example of the not-so-interesting things, on page 39, he told me, “Alternate forms of the same word, like ού, oύκ, and oύχ, are called ‘allomorphs’.”

For the first few chapters, the Professor taught me to say “hello” and “goodbye”, and other smalltalk. Then he moved on to numbers and the books of the Bible. Most recently, he’s taught me these two fun things:

Jesus Love Me
ό ‘Iησοϋς με άγαπά   (ho Yesous me agapa)  Jesus loves me
öτι γραφή κηρύσσει   (hoti grafe kerussay)     because Scripture says
παιδία είσιν αύτώ      (peydia aysin auto)        children are to him
άσθένουσι δύναται    (asthenoosi dunatey)     they are weak, he is strong

ναί, ‘Iησούς άγαπά    (ney, Yesous agapa)     yes, Jesus loves
ναί, ‘Iησούς άγαπά    (ney, Yesous agapa)     yes, Jesus loves
ναί, ‘Iησούς άγαπά    (ney, Yesous agapa)     yes, Jesus loves
ή γραφή κηρύσσει     (he grafe kerussay)       the Scripture says

You can find the music and words here and listen to Mounce singing it here.

The Prayer of a Greek Student
Πάτερ ήμών, ό έν τοίς ούρανοίς,
ϊσθι μεθ’ ήμών ταύτη τη ώρα,
βοήθει ήμίν μανθάνουσιν τήν ‘Eλληνικήν γλώσσαν,
δίδασκε ήμίν τόν λόγον σου,
έν τώ όνόματι τού ‘Iησους Xpιστού προσευχόμεθα,

(pater hemon, ho en toys ooranois)
(isthi meth hemon en taute te hora)
(boethay hemin manthanousin ten elleniken glossan)
(didaske hemin ton logon soo)
(en to onomati tou yesou khristou proseukhometha)

Our Father, who is in heaven,
be with us in this hour,
help us who are learning the Greek language,
teach us your word,
in the name of Jesus Christ we pray,


One thought on “Fun with Greek

  1. […] a grammar textbook, really? The only thing of interest to note I have already mentioned, namely The Professor. Aside from that, I have too remaining comments: very American (in the English explanations and […]

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