Thought of the Day #1

People can be ill, sick, or crook.

They can have an illness, and they can have a sickness, so why can’t they have a crookness?


2 thoughts on “Thought of the Day #1

  1. I think they can only be crook in Australia. In the US one can only be *a* crook, which means they are a criminal or a liar. But I think saying a liar has a crookness sounds cool.

  2. Rachel says:

    Yeah… I didn’t realise until after I’d posted and did a quick Google search that using “crook” for sick is a purely Australia/New Zealand term… apparently there are lots of words which we just take for granted here that aren’t used anywhere else, that don’t show up in “Strine” dictionaries.

    I’m not sure anyone here would use “crook” to mean a criminal, but most people are vaguely aware of it as being a poetic word for a shepherd’s staff. (Not that shepherds have, or ever had, staves here. The differences between Australian and European/Near-Eastern sheep-owning are great, and some Biblical ideas just don’t translate).

    My sister tells me that “crookness” is definitely a thing and she’s heard it, so maybe it’s an actual word that’s being used among the younger generation… Which would surprise me, because you don’t hear many younger people saying “crook”.

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