Bible Verse Challenge Week 1 – Mark 12:29-31

The Bible Verse Challenge

And Jesus answered him,
.      The first of all the commandments is,
.             Hear, O Israel;
.             The Lord our God is one Lord:
.             And thou shalt love the Lord thy God
.                    with all thy heart
.                    and with all thy soul
.                    and with all thy mind
.                    and with all thy strength:
.             This is the first commandment.
.      And the second is like, namely this:
.             Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.
.      There is no other commandment
.                           greater than these.

Mark 12:29-31 KJV


2 thoughts on “Bible Verse Challenge Week 1 – Mark 12:29-31

  1. I see you’re using the KJV. You should use your newly-acquired Greek to make your own translation! It will certainly help you remember it.

  2. Rachel says:

    Unfortunately, part of the mark is based on how well we memorise it based on the translation we indicate (the teacher said if we don’t give a translation, he’ll pick the most obscure one to mark it against. I’m reasonably certain he was joking). Somehow I don’t think “I translated it myself” is going to work…

    So since translating it myself isn’t an option and trying to memorise twenty verses in Greek would do my head in (I’m learning one – I’ll put that up in a few weeks), I just chose my favourite translation. I don’t know if it’s the most accurate or not – every translation has its failings, but I think the KJV is a little better than average, although probably not the best – but I like the sound of it. And besides, 400-year-old English is sort of a different language, right?

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