Introducing the Bible Verse Challenge

The Bible Verse ChallengeSo, basically, this semester, I’ve got to memorise 20 verses from the New Testament, not more than two per book (three verses in a cluster count as two), in either English or Greek (the exact wording was “doesn’t have to be in English, but must be in a language Greg [the lecturer] can understand”). Oh, and I’m getting marked on it (makes up 5% of the total grade).

So I thought I’d share the verses as I chose them. We’re already five weeks into the semester, but I’ll run a little behind this term so there isn’t a break during the holidays.

Oh, and before anyone asks, yes, I’m putting them up/ learning them mostly from the King James Translation. There’s no particular reason for this other than that I find it poetic and like the flow of it. I’m not a KJV-onlyist or anything (the whole debate doesn’t really make sense to me – a translation is a translation is a translation, and if I had good enough Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic, I’d probably be an Original-Languages-onlyist, if there were such a thing).

Before I forget, the other rule was that it couldn’t be a verse we already knew. Because that would be cheating, and we wouldn’t be learning it. There’s no real way for anyone to prove that we didn’t previously know the verses, but they’re are going to be some verses we’re steering clear of because it would be a little too obvious.


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