Feasgar math a h-uile duine!

Uill, gabhibh sinn “òraid beag” gach seachdain anns a’ chlas Ghàidhlig agus bha an topaic an-diugh “A bheil mòran a’ tachairt an-dràsta far a bheil thu-fhèin a’ fuireach?” Seo mo freagairt:

Hmm… Chan eil mòran a’ tachairt an-dràsda an-seo. Tha ‘n geamhradh ann a-nis far a bheil mise a’ fuireach.

Ach… Tha mo bhaile a’ deanamh “gnoming” a-nis. ‘N uair a rinn duine sam bith an “gnoming”, chaidh e a-mach air an oidhche agus thug e mòran garden gnomes air an ceann nan taighean agus nam bùithean anns a’ bhaile.

Nì mo bhaile “gnoming” gach còig no sia bliadhna, ach thuirt na Gnome Rangers nach d’ rinn iad an “gnoming” am bliadhna seo. Tha gang eile ann!!!!

Ach tha am council ag radh gu bheil “gnoming” nas fheàrr na “graffiti-tagging”.

Seo cùplan dealbhan. A bheil thusa a’ sealltainn air gnomes?

The barber

The barber

Blackwood Sound

Blackwood Sound

The cafe

The cafe

Hungry Jack's

Hungry Jack’s

The hardware shop

The hardware shop

The Fish Bowl

The Fish Bowl

This story is too good to just stay in Gaelic (mostly because I don’t think anyone reads what I write in Gaelic), so I’ll give something of a translation in English. For those who didn’t understand the above, basically we have to give a one-minute “monologue” most weeks in the Gaelic class from three or four prompts, and the prompt I chose this week was “Is much going on where you are at the moment?”

Basically, despite it being winter and not much happening… yes.

You see, my locality does this thing called “gnoming”, which means that people (usually the Gnome Rangers) go out under cover of darkness and place garden gnomes precariously on the roof-edges of various shops around the local area. This happens every five or six years or so, but this time, the Gnome Rangers have said that it’s not them. There’s another gang in town!

Nevertheless, despite the threat of another gang (or just a particularly unruly Year 12 class), the local council have said that they’d much prefer “gnoming” over graffiti-tagging, as long as it’s performed safely.

Here are some news articles about the developing story:

18th of August

18th of August

20th of August

26th of August

29th of August


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