Bible Verse Challenge Week 3 – John 3:16 (Gaelic)

The Bible Verse Challenge

This one definitely doesn’t count in the final twenty of verses, but since the Gospel of John of the new translation into Gaelic is now available online (as well as for purchase for £2), I couldn’t resist.

Oir is ann mar seo a ghràdhaich Dia an saoghal:
.       gun tug e aon-ghin Mhic fhèin,
airson ‘s, ge b’ e a chreideas ann,
.       nach tèid a sgrios
.       ach gum bi a’ bheatha shìorraidh aige.

Soisgeul Eòin 3:16 NGT

I gave a pronunciation guide for the Greek, so I’ll give one for the Gaelic as well, since I understand that the spelling system makes no sense to English-speakers at first glance. (It’s actually very regular, though).

Or iss aun mar show a graa-yich jee-a un serl;
.       goon took e ern-yeen vick hain,
er-sonss, ge bey uh crejjus aun,
.       nuck chejj uh skreess
.       uck goom bee uh vee-uh hee-orry egga.

Sosh-gerl Yo-in.


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