Reflective Paragraphs Week 2 – Luke 11


A major theme for the first part of this chapter seems to be prayer: how to pray, and how to have faith in answer to prayers. This is something that has been very real to me over the past week, in the wake of a pretty terrible car crash my father and sister were in. God’s hand was on them and they survived, while many in that sort of crash don’t, but in the days following, my sister was in hospital, expecting to have surgery on her leg. Our friends and family at church, as well as many in my university community, were praying for her and for the surgery, and after a few days, scans told us that the bones were aligned and no surgery was needed; and then later that the fractures were minor enough not to even need plaster but simply a brace! I’m no medical expert, but when something changes that much, how can anyone say to me that God does not answer prayer?


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