Reflective Paragraphs Week 2 – Luke 4


This chapter falls neatly into two parts; Jesus’ Temptation and His early ministry in Galilee. I’m sure much is to be said about all of it, but I’m going to start with commenting on how the story of the Temptation was often used with me in Sunday School; as encouragement for memorising Scripture! It was always pointed out to me that rather than arguing or blundering about, Jesus silences Satan with just a few short quotes from the Scripture. In fact, Jesus does a lot of reading and quoting of Scripture in this chapter, as He then goes on to read from Isaiah when He reaches Nazareth, although the congregation at the synagogue wasn’t too pleased with His comment on it. After this rejection, the chapter finishes with Jesus the Superhero: casting out spirits, healing elderly women (and other sick people), and preaching in other synagogues.



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