Reflective Paragraphs Week 2 – Mark 14-16


This is another long section containing many of the best-known Gospel stories: The Last Supper, Peter’s Denial, The Prayer at Gethsemane, Facing Pilate and the Sanhedrin, and finally the Crucifixion, Easter Day, and the Great Commission (although my translation does note that anything after 16:9 [Mary Magdalene, The Appearance on the Road, the Great Commission, and the Ascension] are not in the original text). I’m not sure much can be really said about these passages in just a few short sentences, since, like all of Mark, it’s just packed with meaning and importance. Certainly readers are taken on a rollercoaster emotional journey from the nail-biting awareness of the plot to kill Jesus, to the capture scene, trial, and execution of Christ, and then finally it all comes good when the women find Him alive!


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