Why Modesty?

Why ModestyWay back when I first started this blog, I did a series of “Why…?” posts, such as “Why Christianity?”, “Why Headcovering?” and “Why Chooks?” I said I was going to do a post on “Why Modesty?”, but I never got around to it.

Modesty isn’t something I think about much anymore. The way I dress is the way I dress, and the way I dress hasn’t changed at all in about two and a half years, since I discovered cape dresses, which are without a doubt the most comfortable and practical garment I have ever worn.

However, recently I stumbled across Gina’s blog. Most of what she writes seems to be about cooking, but she did do a fabulous series on “Why Modesty” which explains it very well, so I’m going to link it here:

Part 1 – An Introduction

Part 2 – What the Bible says about modesty

Part 3 – What the Bible says about clothing

Part 4 – Mennonite modesty

I’m also going to link again the two posts I actually did do on modesty, called “Modesty: How, What, and Why?”:

Part 1 – What modesty is, and how it’s been practiced

Part 2 – Some general guidelines for finding clothes


One thought on “Why Modesty?

  1. victoria214 says:

    Modesty is a wonderful concept. My kudos to you for adhering to smart wardrobe choices.

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