TV Themes from an Australian Childhood (Part 2)

Maybe I’ve just been spending too much time on YouTube, but get ready for another nostalgia trip, this time in alphabetical order. This is Part 2, TV shows for younger children M-W. They’re a mix of shows I remember watching and shows I remember my sister watching, plus Mulligrubs, which we had the theme of on a CD.

Magic Mountain

Mr. Squiggle



Play School (1987-2000)

“Play School” is the second-longest-running children’s television programme in the world, second only to “Blue Peter“, and has been on-air since 1966.

Play School (2011)

Postman Pat


Thomas the Tank Engine

The Wiggles

What’s in the Box? (Opening)

What’s in the Box? (Closing)


2 thoughts on “TV Themes from an Australian Childhood (Part 2)

  1. When I was in France as an exchange student in the early 90s, there was a show called, “La famille Twist.” I think it was Australian, and I believe it was called, “The Twists.” I’m sure this was before your time, but does that show sound familiar at all?

    • Rachel says:

      It would probably be “Round the Twist” – I put that in Part 3. It’s about a family called the Twists, with three kids – Pete, Linda, and Bronson – who live in a lighthouse at Port Nerandera and get into all sort of strange fantastical mishaps. Does that sound familiar? It was based on stories by Paul Jennings and was filmed sporadically from 1989-2001 (the actors changed just about every season). My sister and I watched it basically every day and loved it when we were preteens, and even visited Split Point Lighthouse in Victoria, where it was filmed, in 2007. It still shows regularly on ABC3.

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