Reflective Paragraphs Week 8 – 1 Thessalonians


Paul really loves the Thessalonians. From reading the letter, it’s clear that the church has some problems, but nothing on the scale of, for example, the Colossians or the Corinthians. Paul gives them some general cautionary advice, but for the most part, he talks about how much he misses them, and how much he wants to visit them. Several times, he starts a new section with “But concerning [insert topic here], you have no need that I should write to you…” It seems as though the Thessalonians might have written to him, perhaps expressing a desire for advice and further teaching on several topics, and Paul’s just going, “You’re wonderful, you don’t need more teaching, but okay, I’ll give you something, anyway.” Other letters involve a lot of “you’re so far off the mark, let’s try and get you back on track”. 1 Thessalonians is much more of “well, you’re doing very well, but here’s a few things you could do to be even better.”


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