Reflective Paragraphs Week 11 – 1 Peter


And we’re back to general life principles and theology, although this time from Peter, not Paul. There’s a lot in here about how to relate to one another, and the book is very big on submission – submission to authority, to God, and to each other. Submitting promotes harmony and promotes a good witness to Gentiles. Peace, rather than rebellion, is a good response to being persecuted or teased. Christians should stand firm on our faith, rather than allowing the world to get its grip on us. We should submit to the authority in the world, but not let it change us.


One thought on “Reflective Paragraphs Week 11 – 1 Peter

  1. MInTheGap says:

    It’s amazing on how foundational submission is– it is submission to God’s rules on the fruit in the Garden of Eden that Adam and Eve rejected to gain the ability to be like God. Which is to throw out His order for another.

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