Reflective Paragraphs Week 13 – Revelation 17-22

LogoThere are more sevens beginning these chapters (remember, seven churches, seven stars, and seven lampstands in chapters 1-3, and seven seals in chapter 8), as we begin with seven angels and seven bowls. This, however, does not appear to be the point of the chapter, in which we meet the purple-and-red-clad woman, drinking blood and carrying a cup of filth. She seems to representing sin; our sin, and everyone who falls into sin; money and wealth and power and lust… and eventual and final fall to nothing other than Heaven. God is triumphant, and Christ appears once more, in a similar manner to the woman, riding in a procession, but greater than hers. Satan is bound, rebellion crushed, everything is made new and shining. At the end of chapter 21 and beginning of chapter 22, we are told that there won’t be need of a temple or church or even artificial lighting, because God will be right there. And then the book finished as it began, with Jesus, the Beginning and the End, speaking in warning to the churches.


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