New Testament “At-a-Glance” Sheets

One of the assessment tasks for New Testament Survey this semester was the production of three crib sheets – History Books, Pauline Epistles, and Catholic/General Epistles respectively. I thought I’d share them for as they’re quite useful.

History Books (Matthew-Acts)
Includes: name of book, date, purpose, author, audience, key verse, view of Jesus, outline, key phrases and their locations.

2015.09.10 - Review Table 1 (History Books)

Mark is fast-paced, so it’s red, which is a fast colour
John focusses on the deity of Christ, so royal purple
Luke and Acts were both written by Luke, and green and blue are similar colours
Matthew is yellow because yellow was left over


Pauline Epistles
Includes: name of book, date, key phrase/idea, and outline

2015.11.05 - Pauline Epistles Crib Sheet

The Prison Epistles are in red because it’s a gloomy, oppressive colour
Thessalonians is pink because Paul really loves the Thessalonians
Timothy is green because it’s all about growing the church
Romans is very considered and ordered, so it’s a bland yellow
Titus is about being a blameless witness, so it’s royal purple to represent God again
Galatians is all about the Law, so it’s blue like Israel’s flag
Corinthians is orange, because that’s like red, which isn’t a good colour (see the Prison Epistles), and they were messed up


General Epistles
Includes: name of book, date, author, reason for writing, “take-home thought”, outline

2015.11.30 - Review Table 3 (Catholic Epistles)Colours: aside from Revelation, which is green because everything is made new at the end, there’s no real reason for the colours on this one. Peter and John are the colours they are because when I googled them, those were the dominant colours of their iconography respectively (so take it up with the Orthodox church)




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