Christmas [Week]

The Mitcham-Hills Ecumenical Council (or whatever they call themselves) is determined that you shouldn’t have a spare moment left to fill this week.

Sunday the 20th
–> 6pm, Carol Singing & Finger Food, Blackwood Uniting Church

Wednesday the 23rd
–> 7pm, Blue Christmas Service, Holy Innocents’ Anglican Belair

Thursday the 24th
–> 6pm, Family Service and Play, Belair Uniting Church
–> 6pm, Nativity Play and Camel Rides, Blackwood Hills Baptist
–> 7pm, Family Christmas Presentation, Blackwood Uniting Church
–> 7:30pm, Carol Service, Upper Sturt Uniting Church
–> 8pm, Carols By Candlelight & Puppets, Blackwood Hills Baptist
–> 11:30pm, Midnight Candlelit Mass, Holy Innocents’ Anglican Belair

Friday the 25th
–> 9am, Celebrate the Day, Blackwood Uniting Church
–> 9:30am, Christmas Day Service, Holy Innocents’ Anglican Belair
–> 9:30am, Christmas Day Service, Blackwood Hills Baptist

Saturday the 26th
–> 10am, Music of King David, Beit Netzarim Messianic Church

Sunday the 27ty
–> 10am, Combined Final Service, Blackwood Uniting Church
–> 10am, First Sunday of Christmas, Holy Innocents’ Anglican Belair

Okay, the Saturday one isn’t in the Mitcham-Hills area, but I plan to go to it all the same. If your church is in the region and has an event or service happening, particularly an unusual one, let me know!

Ecumenical Christmas


4 thoughts on “Christmas [Week]

  1. Jo Creek says:

    And you either need to choose one event on a given day, or be able to multi-task or split yourself into two or three to go to all of them at once!

  2. Rachel says:

    Yeah, I think the MHICC should try to do a better job at co-ordinating everyone… As it is, the notice this morning had us going to the Blue Service, the Play and Belair Uniting, the Carols at Blackwood Hills Baptist, the Midnight Mass, and then sleeping for about two hours before the Christmas Day service. I sort of wish I could loop time or something, because there are a lot of interesting-looking events on at the same time.

    For the most part, they’re all quite near each other. Blackwood HIlls Baptist and Blackwood Uniting are maybe 500m apart, and Belair Uniting and Holy Innocents’ are across the road from each other. So I suppose you’re meant to pick your events that way.

  3. Rachel says:

    To Whom It May Concern –
    Yes, I’m aware that anything prior to sunset on the 24th is Advent and not Christmas, and I took precautions in the post to show that I had not made the contrary assumption:
    – I placed “week” in brackets to show that I do not equate the entire week to Christmas.
    – I used purple, which is the colour of Advent, rather than white/gold, which is the colour of Christmas/Feast Days.
    If anyone has any further concern about the advertisement of “Christmas Services”, “Christmas Celebrations” and the like for days other than Christmas Day itself, the concern should be taken up with the church bodies in question – namely Holy Innocents’ Anglican Church Belair and Blackwood and Belair Uniting Churches.

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