Strawberry Jam

… is absolutely impossible.

Strawberry 01
Chop strawberries. If they’re a little bit soft, that’s still fine.

Strawberry 02

Add between half and three-quarters the weight in sugar (personal taste) and stir well.

Strawberry 03

Leave it to soak overnight. The sugar will extract all the delicious juice and leave you with a bright red syrup which tastes like the strawberry ice-cream topping you get from the shop.

Strawberry 05

This is the part where I have problems. There is a lady at church who says that you boil for 7 minutes, add lemon, and boil for 5 minutes. Whenever I try boiling berry jam, it always without fail burns.

So, at the suggestion of a friend, I tried doing it in the crock pot.

Strawberry 06
Strawberries in the crock pot.

Strawberry 07
Mixed strawberries and blackberries in another crock pot.

I heated them on low for a few hours, added the lemon juice, and then cooked on high for quite a few more hours.

Strawberry 08

When you do it slowly like that, it goes very dark. I think cooking it quickly is the key to bright red strawberry jam. But it still tastes the same…

… it’s just very runny. The mixed berry jam turned out about right, but the strawberry one is very runny. I should try doing it in smaller quantities next time.



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