Thought of the Day #6

Isn’t it funny, the songs or words you learn in different languages before you can understand them?

This morning, I woke up singing a song I learnt years ago, when my sister learnt it in the primary school choir, which had quite a boppy tune, and began:

Estoy solo (I’m alone)
llorando (crying)
en silencio (in silence)
en la oscuridad (in obscurity)


One thought on “Thought of the Day #6

  1. That happens to me all the time. Often when I listen to some pop song I loved in the 80’s and didn’t really quite understand back then when my English was still very ropey, I’m either delighted by discovering some hidden depths – or even the REAL meaning which totally escaped me in its day – or I’m cringing inside coz they lyrics are just soooooo crap and/or cheesy 😉

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