The First Leg – Adelaide to Bangkok

Via Melbourne.

Well, I left a number of essentials at home: the power adaptor, the camera, and devotionals. Fortunately,

  1. Power adaptors are easily purchased and I now have a double power-adaptor
  2. I bought an SD card and borrowed another tour member’s spare camera
  3. The Bible verses for the places are all stored on my computer, and I found the lectionary online – although the best I could find was the Anglican Church of New Zealand lectionary. It can’t be too different, can it?

I worked out why, too – you see, normally before going on a major travel, we stop for a moment in the car before leaving and pray for safety and remembering of left things before getting to the end of the street. We didn’t do that this morning! That’s why!

Anyway, we flew Virgin to Melbourne – nothing much to report there except that a muesli bar was handed out, which was odd, because Virgin purports to be non-food-serving.

The second flight was Thai Air. On a scale from Ryanair to Air New Zealand, it’s about level with Cathay Pacific – better than British Airways but worse than Singapore Airlines. On some good points, the blankets were excellent (fluffy and purple, my sister might like to know) and boarding and deplaning was extremely efficient. On some bad points, there were no air-vents (so it was warm and stuffy) and the crew were brusque and seemed to dislike dealing with passengers.

Food was reasonable. Somehow I was registered for Hindu meals, which I managed to sidestep for lunch…

01 - Lunch

my lunch – green curry and rice


01 - Lunch B

Diane’s lunch – beef stew and mash


… but not for dinner…

02 - Dinner A

my dinner – some sort of tofu fried rice


02 - Dinner B

Diane’s dinner – vegetable stir-fry


… although I think I’m getting Hindu meals because they’re dairy-free, which was a relief after the cheese I didn’t eat for lunch – I got a little sachet of soy milk.

03 - Tea



I watched three movies – The Martian, Ender’s Game, and Brave (although I’d already seen that last) – and we had a spectacular view of the city as we approached – including two different lots of fireworks!

04 - Bangkok



The next update, all going well, will be from Tel Aviv.


4 thoughts on “The First Leg – Adelaide to Bangkok

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  2. jedika98 says:

    Good to see you are travelling well. What did you think of The Martian?

  3. Ruth Hay says:

    Good to hear you are travelling safely. Sorry about not praying before we left, don’t know why we didn’t! I hear tofu isn’t too bad once you are used to it! I thought I saw you pack your devotionals in with your map studies, if I am thinking of the right thing. Great about the camera! Looking forward to hearing more.

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