The Second Day – First Morning in Israel (Tel Aviv)

I slept soundly until about 5am, with a brief break at about 2am. Traffic had started up by then, so I couldn’t really sleep and we gave up and got up at 6, only to be greeted by this view outside the window:

01 - Window Panorama

My phrase of the day is “Anakhnu nelekh le-Yoffa ha-yom”, or “We’re going to Joffa today” (I hope). I watched some children’s telly before breakfast, and apparently the number of the day (according to the Israeli version of Sesame Street) is “shesh” (6). Since I can only remember “echad” (1) and “shesh” (6), I think I need to revise my numbers.

We headed down at breakfast at a leisurely 8. There was a lot to choose from. For starters, orange-juice was self-squeezing, which was cool. Tea seems to be taken with lemon and mint here, so I complied and added both to my tea.

There was halva – yay! – apple strudel, and some sort of savoury pastry which I ate. I wanted some of the scrambled egg, but couldn’t be sure it didn’t have milk in it. I was going to ask one of the staff who had been nearby, but he wasn’t, so I turned to the couple just nearby and asked, “Chelev?”, pointing at the dish in question.

“Excuse me?” the man asked – with an American accent!

I explained that I wondered if the egg had milk in it, but they just shrugged. I asked a couple of kitchen girls nearby, but they didn’t have much English and didn’t understand that I wanted to know for sure that the egg didn’t have milk in it (they seemed to think I wanted the milk in). Eventually they got the staff guy back, who was usually manning the frying-things booth, and he made me a cheese-and-milk-free omelette.

It was very windy outside when we set off at 10.

02 - Bus Panorama.jpg

Yuval explained that a cloud of dust is blowing in from the Aegean at tremendous speeds, and the effects will be in place until probably Thursday.

03 - Beach Construction

construction along the beach

The beach looked most unappealing, but apparently the windsurfers love it.

03 - Kite Surfing.jpg

We saw yet more bike-hire racks.

02 - Beach Bikes

02 - Park Bikes

And a plastics recycling depot near the park.

04 - Recycling Depot

Yuval’s word of the day is “balagan”, which he says means “mess”. By the way he says it, I suspect it might have a slightly stronger meaning.


2 thoughts on “The Second Day – First Morning in Israel (Tel Aviv)

  1. jedika98 says:

    Nice to here you slept fairly well. I hope the weather is alright and the dust storm doesn’t detract from your visit.

  2. Jo Creek says:

    What a different sky to your first day! I hope the wind & dust clear up by the weekend. I’m sure you’ll still enjoy sight-seeing regardless.
    It’s good that you slept well on your first night.

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