The Second Day – Joffa Old City [Part 1] (Tel Aviv)

The first thing we saw in the Joffa old city was this Christmas tree.

01 - Christmas Tree.jpg

Joffa is about 2/3 Jew and 1/3 Arab (including Arab Christians).

The old city is just as labyrinthal as one might expect.

04 - Old City Street.jpg

05 - Old City Street.jpg

06 - Old City Panorama.jpg

09 - Old City Street

10 - Old City Street

It’s a very chic area, with lots of artists.

And this hanging tree.

11 - Hanging Orange Tree.jpg

It’s an orange tree. Joffa used to grow a lot of oranges and export them. That’s why Jaffas are orange.

There are also lots of feral cats. This one was particularly friendly.

13 - Cat A.jpg

13 - Cat B

13 - Cat C

We passed the oldest part of the old city, a gate dating to the Canaanite era (about 4000 years ago). Obviously the bit at the front is some sort of replica, but some stone has been excavated – and mostly covered over for protection against the elements. More can’t be excavated because it’s residential property.

15 - Canaanite Gate.jpg

Then we climbed to the top of a tel and looked at this modern Statue of Faith:

16 - Statue of Faith.jpg

The top block is the story of the Battle of Jericho (you can see the shofars on the other side), the one on the left is Jacob’s dream, and the one on the right is Abraham sacrificing Isaac.

16 - Panorama from Tel.jpg

panorama from the tel

16 - Tel Sign

I’m reasonably certain the first line says “Abraham’s garden”

16 - Tel Aviv from Tel

a somewhat dust-obscured view of Tel Aviv

Then we went down and across the street into St. Peter’s Catholic Church. It’s one of only two churches in Israel which face west (the rest face east), and that’s because this is where Peter had the dream telling him to go out into all the nations.

17 - Church Sign

17 - Information

17 - Interior

17 - Roof

Oddly, the nativity was still up.

17 - Nativity.jpg

The church was right by the main square.

18 - Cafe.jpg



18 - Information

mobile information

19 - Historical Statue

We passed two other tour groups in the square; both American, and one proclaiming loudly, “It’s the only place in the world where you can call out ‘Shlomo’ [Solomon] and ten guys turn around!”

18 - Another Sign

I think we went past Simon the Tanner’s house (where Peter had the dream), but Yuval wasn’t too keen on it, so we went by quickly and I’m not quite sure.

Anyway, then we went back into the old city streets.


27 - Old City Street



28 - Top of Stairway


30 - Stairway Opening


11 thoughts on “The Second Day – Joffa Old City [Part 1] (Tel Aviv)

  1. Joy says:

    I love all the narrow streets and old buildings in the old part of town

  2. Ruth Hay says:

    How are you managing the walking and climbing stairs? Looks confusing. Just as well you have a guide!

    • Rachel says:

      I could have done with going a bit slower in the old city! I didn’t really feel like I had enough time to take it all in, because there was so much and we were going by pretty fast.

      My foot where I broke it was beginning to play up by the end of the day, and I have blisters, but mostly I’m all right.

      Tel Aviv is very grid-like (it’s a fairly new city) so we could get about all right by ourselves, but I don’t like to think how lost we might have got in the old city without a guide! At least it was all very well signposted.

  3. jedika98 says:

    I like the cat and the hanging tree was really cool. Looks interesting. I hope you are enjoying yourself.

  4. astraya says:

    Re St Peter’s Church – more nations are east of Israel than west.
    Re Simon the Tanner’s house – extreme skepticism. Would a perfectly ordinary house have survived, and could it be identified?

  5. Jo Creek says:

    That is a lot of dust in the air!
    The photo of the stairs, with no people in it (where you caption it being chic) is a lovely shot.

  6. Jo Creek says:

    More on what David says … I was thinking the same thing. Simon the Tanner’s house still stands? And they know it was his? The same for the churches and other historical sites – no doubt they are in the locality, and perhaps on that site and rebuilt, but to be the actual place? I have doubts.

  7. Rachel says:

    I think that’s why Yuval was so sceptical about it and we didn’t really spend much time on it. It’s just speculation.

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