The Second Day – Joffa Old City [Part 2] (Tel Aviv)

Joffa used to be the port of Jerusalem. In the Old Testament, it was used a lot for shipping in wood (Joshua 19:46-47, 2 Chronicles 2:16, Ezra 3:7). It’s also where Jonah left from (Jonah 1:3).

Yuval reckons Joffa is only a day’s walk from Jerusalem. I don’t know how fast or fit someone would have to be to walk from Joffa to Jerusalem in a day, but it’s only about 50km.

02 - Jonah's Whale Statue.jpg

These days, it’s not longer a major international trade port. It’s mostly used for fishing.

32 - Port.jpg

34 - Port.jpg

35 - Port.jpg

We stopped for morning tea…

37 - Coffee Break.jpg

… in a book shop.

36 - Aladin



36 - Hello Kitty

36 - Guinness.jpg

GYNS world records


36 - The Useful Section A

the useful shelf

36 - The Alefbet in Places

the Israel places alphabet

39 - Pigeon-Proofing.jpg

pigeon-proofed gutter

40 - Port Street.jpg

41 - Little House.jpg

little house

42 - Stormy Sea.jpg

There was an Orthodox convent overlooking the sea…

43 - Orthodox Church

43 - Convent Sign

… right next to a mosque

44 - Synagogue.jpg

This line shows where the city wall used to be.

45 - Old Wall A.jpg

Joffa has a mixture of architecture.

49 - Ottoman-Era House.jpg

Ottoman-era house

53 - British-Era Apartments A.jpg

British-era apartment are now used to house immigrants who have recently made assisted aliyah (returning to Israel)

54 - More Construction.jpg

there’s construction going on everywhere

55 - American Colony.jpg

and an “American Colony”???


4 thoughts on “The Second Day – Joffa Old City [Part 2] (Tel Aviv)

  1. jedika98 says:

    I like the Jonah statute and I found looking at the Guiness Book of World records cover interesting. I hope you are enjoying yourself.

  2. Jo Creek says:

    Lovely stone buildings and nice architecture. I will show the Guiness Book of World Records to Josh as he has the English edition.
    It seems people have missed the memo about Christmas trees being taken down, unless they are up early for Christmas 2016! LOL.

    • Rachel says:

      Yeah, I thought of him when I saw it.

      I wondered about all the Christmas things in Joffa, but I know a large percentage of the Christian population here is Orthodox, and their liturgical calendar runs 12 days behind the western one, so technically it was still Christmas for them yesterday.

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