The Third Day – Interim Status Update (Tel Aviv)

Well, I think I’m mostly adjusted to this time zone – sleep-wise! The rest of my body clock is taking a bit longer to catch up. I’ve been a little sluggishly co-ordinated in the evening over dinner, and certain other morning bodily functions are happening at 2am on the first night and 4am on the second (so almost sorted, then).

I woke at about 4:30 this morning and couldn’t get back to sleep (partially because it was quite noisy outside), and then got up at 5:30 ready for the 6am wake-up call.

The wind didn’t let up at all and kept blowing and whistling all night. We’re heading inland this afternoon, so perhaps it won’t be as bad there.

Yuval keeps telling us we’re not being noisy enough for Australians (it must be those Sydneysiders he had the other month again), and reckons it must be the minority (Kiwi) influence on us. I’m not convinced.

And another thing about Australians – we buck the convention. Everyone everywhere else leaves their bags in the foyer for the bellboys (why are they called that?) to bring up – Given a choice between that and taking them to the rooms themselves, it seems Australians will go for the latter every time.

I think it’s been of benefit to me to be at least able to read the Hebrew alphabet, even if I can’t really read anything much more. At least I can read place-names and make a good guess and shops, et c. I can’t quite make any sense or pattern of when they use alef, ayin, and vav for vowels and when they don’t. I thought for a bit maybe it was in loan-words, but I’m not sure.

We’re going down for breakfast at 7am and then leaving at quarter to eight.


3 thoughts on “The Third Day – Interim Status Update (Tel Aviv)

  1. jedika98 says:

    I hope the wind gets better. Enjoy breakfast and safe travels.

  2. astraya says:

    I always understood that bellboys came when the receptionist rang a little bell on the counter. I haven’t checked that, so I could be wrong.

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