The Third Day – Mount Carmel

Map.gifOn the way to Mount Carmel, we drove past a Druze village. The Druze are one of the largest minorities in Israel (after Arab Muslims), with about 300 000 of them on Mount Carmel, Galilee, and Golan.

No-one, apparently, knows much about what they believe except them, but it’s a mixture of Islam and various eastern religions and was invented in the 12th century in Egypt. They believe in reincarnation. They don’t have mosques or churches but gather in a home to read their own scriptures.

Both men and women dress in black. The women wear black skullcaps and sort of transparent white scarves, over the head and sort of loosely slung about the shoulders. Druze speak Arabic and have a very Arab culture, but have a lot of mixed ancestry and Yuval says some have blue eyes. Druze are generally loyal to the state they live in and are on very good terms with the government, doing their military service (something Muslims can be exempt from) and generally being quite prosperous.

Anyway, we eventually arrived at Mount Carmel, which is where Elijah had his stand-off with the prophets of Ba’al.

01 - Elijah Statue.jpg



There’s a small Catholic church on Mount Carmel, where three Carmelite monks live. Yes, the order is named after the mountain.


Mount Carmel is meant to have one of the best views in Israel. We couldn’t see much.

02 - View.jpg

On the way afterwards, there is a cave tomb by the road, like the one Jesus was buried in.

03 - Burial Cave.jpg


There aren’t many such intact tombs with rolling stones left in Israel. As you can see, it isn’t anywhere near as big as some pastors would like to have you believe in the Easter sermons, but Yuval said it would take two or three men to move it.


3 thoughts on “The Third Day – Mount Carmel

  1. jedika98 says:

    The tombs are very interesting. I always imagined them to be taller so that people could walk into them.

  2. Helen Hayes says:

    Fascinating – and again, thanks for the photos. The tombs were really interesting to look at.

  3. astraya says:

    Jess: John 20:10 says that Mary ‘bent over’ to look into the tomb. Also in vv 5-6, there may be some other reason that the other disciple didn’t go in, or it may be that there was only room for one (extra) person at a time.

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