The Fourth Day – Tiberia (Galilee)



Tiberia was built in about 20AD by Herod Antipas. It’s not known if Jesus ever visited, but there were definitely some Jews in the town during His time. There are about 70 000 residents today, all of them Jews. (And, from the people we saw in downtown, a fair number of them not just religious but orthodox).

01 - Panorama.jpg

01 - Ruins

We went to the Galilee Experience, a short movie about the Galilee. It’s been there for about 25 years but didn’t have a tourist licence for a lot of that because it’s run by Messianic Jews. We were shown around by a lady from Massachusetts called Linda.

03 - The Galilee Experience

Then we had some time to look around the harbour…

04 - Harbour

04 - North


04 - South.jpg




… and the downtown area.

05 - Market Street.jpg

05 - Feral Cat.jpg

Bottle depositories in Galilee are very cute.

05 - Bottle Depository.jpg

02 - Win a Free Shofar.jpg

Kitschy beyond belief.

Then we drove home.

Map 2.gif


A conversation at dinner really messed me up, and I don’t know why. Towards the end, it just felt like anything I said, no matter what it was, was immediately used against me. I can’t get it out of my head and can’t work out why it’s bothering me so much.

But then I went and did some laundry, and met a very nice American woman called Susan from southern Illinois. She’d never been out of the country before this trip and was very excited to meet people from as many places as possible! We had a good conversation. She’s here with a group of 40 people from Free Methodist Bible colleges across the mid-west for three and a half weeks, and she’s off into Jordan in a few days, which sounds really scary because apparently the water there’s so bad they’re not allowed to brush their teeth with it and if they wash their hands, they’ve got to rinse them off with bottled water just in case.

I also had really good wi-fi coverage in the laundromat, and it’s struggling now I’m back in my room.

If there’s one thing I’m sick of hearing from the people in the group, it’s “It’s a different culture”. Well, yeah, der. But not that different. Stop saying it. Don’t use it to justify everything you either thing is wrong or can’t be bothered understanding.

On an unrelated note, I think Australia is very popular in Israel. According to what Yuval has said over the last few days, Outback Truckers is one of the most popular shows here, and Redbacks are basically the most popular shoe. There are also lots of gum trees.


5 thoughts on “The Fourth Day – Tiberia (Galilee)

  1. jedika98 says:

    I hope you are alright after dinner. I agree with your stance on not using “it’s a different culture” to justify negative emotions and thoughts. Have you met any other Australians outside your group? (You probably have said but I have a terrible memory).

    • Rachel says:

      I thought I heard an Australian accent a few days ago, but I don’t know for sure. Aside from a couple of Eastern Orthodox groups out and about an one Korean tour group here at the kibbutz, all the other tourists I’ve heard has been American!

  2. Ruth Hay says:

    That photo of the sign ‘Win a free shofar’ I first read as ‘win a free shower’!

    I hope your head clears (if that is the correct thing to say) and you get back to enjoying yourself fully. Do you have email access?

  3. Jo Creek says:

    I have sat longer than necessary in a laundry before just to use the wifi!
    I thought the sign was “Win a free chauffeur” and if it’s not that, I don’t know what it is!

  4. Rachel says:

    A shofar is a rams-horn trumpet, like the man’s holding in the picture. They’re for sale in most of the tourist shops… it seems one of the most useless things – and I can’t help but think what a pathetic shofar Thor’s horns would make!

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