The Fifth Day – Mount Arbel (Galilee)

I woke up this morning when the 6-o’clock wake-up call sounded, feeling ill. Nauseas.

01 - Panorama View

the view outside my door

02 - Dining Room

the view from the dining room

03 - Walnut Halva

walnut halva for breakfast

04 - Nail Clippers

I bought some nail clippers

We left at 8am and drove to Arbel.

Map - Arbel

05 - Two Cliffs

the one on the right is Arbel; Capernaum can be seen between them


The others hiked up to the top, but as I was feeling ill, I stayed in the picnic area at the bottom.

06 - Romans Going Down

Arbel has a lot of caves in the side. In 67BC, families from the town of Arbel at the food of the mountain hid in the cave from the Romans. The Romans then put themselves in crates winched down the mountain in order to pull the Jewish families out with hooks.

07 - The Box and Scythe

The families chose jumping off the cliff as a better way to die.

Then we drove to the Mount of Beatitudes.

Map - Beatitudes

It’s not 100% that this is where Jesus gave the Sermon on the Mount, but it’s the traditional location.

08 - Beatitudes


The mountain is owned by the Catholics, and four nuns live there. The run a hotel, primarily for Catholic tour groups, and they also appear to farm bananas.

09 - Bananas

Mustard grows wild on the mountain (Jesus and his object sermons). There were a lot of gum trees.

10 - Gum Tree

Yuval says Australians are like flies – impossible to herd. He says it’s not just us, but other nationalities stick close and listen for him to speak. He has to call out to get our attention because we wander off and look at things.


3 thoughts on “The Fifth Day – Mount Arbel (Galilee)

  1. Ruth Hay says:

    I hope you are feeling better – it may well have been the fish! But you might never know.

  2. jedika98 says:

    I hope you are feeling better. I was going to say the same thing as mum about it being the fish except say that it was the fish combined with the fact that your body is not used to fish. Maybe Australians are just more curious and independent learners than other nations so we investigate things more. Also we are used to lots of room so we don’t think we have to stay near somebody if there is something else to look at,

  3. Rachel says:

    Except I was feeling sick *before* the fish. I think it’s just airline flu.

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