The Fifth Day – The Sea of Galilee

After visiting Capernaum, we raced down to Ginosar to catch our boat.

Map - Ginosar

01 - Lunch-Time on the Kibbutz

Lunch-time at the kibbutz school. There were also a couple of classes of Druze school-children around the museum and wharf.

01 - Flag

When we boarded the boat, they raised an Australian flag and played the Australian and Israeli national anthems – which was both a little weird and disgruntled the kiwis.

Map - Ein Gev.gif

It took about 45 minutes to cross the 15-ish kilometres from Kibbutz Ginosar to Kibbutz Ein Gev, where we had lunch at a specialised fish restaurant.

We had salad and soup for starter.

03 - Soup and Salad 1

vegetable soup, Israeli salad (cucumber, tomato and parsley), and yoghourt with tomato

03 - Hommus 2


03 - Eggplant 3

fried eggplant on tahini garlic sauce

Mains was a fish. I don’t normally like fish, but I figured I couldn’t come and not it eat. It was a little scary when it came out.

04 - Fish


But it didn’t taste too bad.


4 thoughts on “The Fifth Day – The Sea of Galilee

  1. Ruth Hay says:

    So when they said a fish lunch, they really meant a whole fish lunch. Wow! I am glad you managed it alright!

  2. jedika98 says:

    Was there any dessert? Good job on the fish, though.

  3. Jo Creek says:

    Yes, I’d say that fish lunch would be a little scary! Well done for eating it.

  4. Rachel says:

    Prunes for dessert! Fresh prunes.

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