The Sixth Day – Chatsor and Tel Dan (Golan)

I hate to say it, but ancient ruins are getting a bit boring.

Map - Chatsor

After an early breakfast with a couple of girls from a Californian youth group, I left with the group at 7:30am and we headed towards Chatsor.

Chatsor is a tel, or artificial archaeological mount, and it’s the largest one in Israel. It’s mentioned a couple of times in Kings, as well as Jeremiah 49 and Joshua 11, where it’s usually called Hazor. It has eighteen layers to it and, outside of the tel itself, the city used to stretch for 820 acres.

The royal palace is still mostly standing – and the first examples of mud bricks I’ve seen. So rather than show a picture of more rocky ruins, here’s a panorama of the palace courtyard, which is under a roof for protection from the elements.

01 - Chatsor Palace

02 - Do Not Touch

From Chatsor we went to Dan. I actually slept most of the way to Dan, and then the trip to see the ruins was a 90-minute round hike, so I abstained and stayed with the bus.

Map - Tel Dan

I spent a few minutes in the shop. There were some keyrings there with names on them, but I was a little disappointed to see that mine wasn’t there. I asked the lady there about it, and she admitted they were out of Rachel keyrings – her name was Rachel, too. [pronounce it rah-khel].

In the bus parking yard, I spoke to a couple from another tour bus who had also stayed behind. They were from New Hampshire, but were from Pennsylvania and Colorado respectively.

I then slept for another hour.


3 thoughts on “The Sixth Day – Chatsor and Tel Dan (Golan)

  1. jaglar60 says:

    You have been doing and seeing so much Rachel, its not surprising you need to catch a bit of extra sleep!

  2. Ruth Hay says:

    you probably needed the extra sleep! Interesting to see the mud bricks.

  3. jedika98 says:

    I hope you have now sufficiency caught up on sleep. Shame about the key rings. The mud bricks were interesting.

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